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Queens And Cultural Appropriation | The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King Review

Title: The Hundredth Queen
Author: Emily R. King
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo
Running Time: 10 hours, 6 minutes
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads Summary: As an orphan ward of the Sisterhood, eighteen-year-old Kalinda is destined for nothing more than a life of seclusion and prayer. Plagued by fevers, she’s an unlikely candidate for even a servant’s position, let alone a courtesan or wife. Her sole dream is to continue living in peace in the Sisterhood’s mountain temple.

But a visit from the tyrant Rajah Tarek disrupts Kalinda’s life. Within hours, she is ripped from the comfort of her home, set on a desert trek, and ordered to fight for her place among the rajah’s ninety-nine wives and numerous courtesans. Her only solace comes in the company of her guard, the stoic but kind Captain Deven Naik.

Faced with the danger of a tournament to the death—and her growing affection for Deven—Kalinda has only one hope for escape, and it lies in an arcane, forbidden power buried within her.

In Emily R. King’s thrilling fantasy debut, an orphan girl blossoms into a warrior, summoning courage and confidence in her fearless quest to upend tradition, overthrow an empire, and reclaim her life as her own.

As fun and (surface level) entertaining as The Hundredth Queen was and as much as I wanted to love it, it had some serious flaws that I honestly just can’t overlook. If you’re looking for something quick and fairly entertaining and you can overlook the possible problematic representation of Eastern cultures, then I’d say have at it. Otherwise…This may not be the book for you.

I’ll start out with what I enjoyed. The plot was fast paced and there was action and romance galore! For this reason, The Hundredth Queen was an incredibly easy read, without being too simplistic.  The trials allowed for plenty of action filled fight sequences and the court setting gives readers tons of intrigue. And, though I had issues with its pacing, there is no doubt that the romance was pretty swoon-worthy.

I also loved the focus on sisterhood and friendship. Kali’s best friend is like a sister to her and is always one of the people whose wellbeing is at the forefront of Kali’s mind. It was nice to see such a strong female friendship play such a pivotal role in a YA book.

I wish I could leave it at that and say I thoroughly enjoyed The Hundredth Queen but alas, twas not meant to be!

I’ll start with the more minor issue I had which was the pacing of the romance. Friends. This was one of the worst cases of insta-love I’ve ever witnessed. Kali literally falls in love with the first guy she’s ever seen. That’s not an exaggeration! Kali has never seen or met a man before Deven and the instant she sees him she’s all *swoons*. But Deven’s reaction time is just as bad! They’ve only had about three minor interactions before they’re falling all over each other and kissing and professing their love and are all “I would die for you!” And what’s worse is that Kali has every reason to be wary and scared of men because before she’d ever met a man, all she’d heard was horror stories fro her best friend. Yet she throws all past knowledge aside for literally the first hot guy she sees?! Spare me, please.

But the issue of inst-love pales in comparison to how problematic this book is, in regards to representation of Eastern and Indian cultures.

Now there are three very important things I need to say before I launch into my final complaint.

  1. I am fully aware that this books is a fantasy. That being said, The Hundredth Queen is so based on Indian culture that King (the author) felt it necessary to include an author’s note at the beginning saying that all apparent similarities to real historic figures is coincidental and not intended to offend.
  2. I am NOT Indian. I have NO right to really speak on what is good representation of Indian culture.
  3. You must understand that, as a person of color myself, I am not one to cry “cultural appropriation!” anytime a White person even gets near another culture. I fully support White people exploring and appreciating and sharing in the richness of other cultures. THAT BEING SAID! This book? It honestly reeks of poorly veiled cultural appropriation and exoticism.

So. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. This book made me really uneasy, representation wise. I understand that this is not a direct representation of India. But it is merely a step sideways, a thin and tattered veil over Indian culture. And I’m not quite sold on the fact that King did a good job handling it.

Why? It just felt like King had chosen Indian culture not because she appreciated and respected it, but rather because she felt it was “exotic.” I can’t fully describe what exact passages made me feel this way, it was just a general…feeling

But it was also the old, tired tropes that King chose to use in portraying an Eastern culture. They were tropes we’ve seen a lot of and not only could you claim they were lazy tropes, but they were also slightly offensive. In The Hundredth Queen we get more than our fill of the Tyranical Sultan/King/Leader™ trope, in addition to the Sultan With A Harem Of Literally Hundreds Of Women™ trope and the Patriarchal Eastern Society™ trope. *Cue infinite eye rolls and head-desks from me* Must we really with these tropes about Easterners? Especially in 2017 America where those of us who are Middle Eastern and/or South Central Asian continue to be stereotyped so negatively?!

So…yeah. This book gets a 2.75 stars (rounded up to 3 stars) from me. It was fun, yes, but it also had me shaking my head at many points. I’ll probably read the second book, just for fun, but i’m not fully committed to it yet…

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Obsession Confession | My Love of Hellcat’s Black Panther

Hey, y’all! It’s Lila! Sorry for the unexpected two week long semi-hiatus. I was so worn out and I really needed a quick break. BUT I’M BACK NOW!!!! And I’ve got lots of stuff in store for y’all! First up is Obsession Confession, my weekly segment in which is dedicated to telling y’all about my recent obsessions! So let’s get it started!


I checked out and raced through Marvel’s Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! volumes one and two and ohmygod, guys, I’m absolutely in love! Fun, funny, and adorable, Hellcat rocks! I loved every bit of it and I highly recommend it!


So I was watching Whitney’s (at WhittyNovels) SnapChat, and I heard a sample of “Collarbones” by Thomston and was immediately like “I need dat!” So, naturally, I listened to the rest of the song–and I loved it! It’s not exactly a jam, more like a slow, tenor version of a Halsey song–but no matter, it’s good!
I’ve also been obsessing over “My Love” by Wale ft. Major Lazer, WizKid, and Dua Lipa. It’s a really fun, sweet song that you can get into and dance to and sing along with! Plus, gotta love Wale reppin’ my home city!


Movies/TV Shows

It was an exciting day the other day because…the Black Panther teaser trailer dropped! Oh, boy, guys! Does this movie look amazing or what?! I’m so ridiculously pumped for this film, it’s not even funny! I have yet to  read the Black Panther comics, but from what I hear, they’re absolutely fabulous, and this movie looks like it won’t disappoint either. I know I’ll definitely be in the audience for this one this fall!

I finally saw Rogue One! And it was great! Not gonna lie, I did tear up during the movie, but still, it was really good! Rogue One tells the story of a ragtag group of resistance fighters in the Star Wars universe. I don’t want to say more than that for fear of spoiling things, but just know that the movie is incredible and will give you all of the feels!


So if you’ve been hanging around, you probably know that Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, which was released earlier this year, is one of my new all-time favorites. Given that fact, I was super excited to see that Bustle released the cover and an excerpt of Shadowsong, the sequel to Wintersong! The cover and excerpt have me even more hyped for the sequel, if that’s even possible. Definitely check it out!

Around The Blogosphere/Vlogosphere

Once again, my dear friend Fadwa over at Word Wonders is absolutely on point with her discussion post. Fadwa’s latest discussion post asks if bloggers have a responsibility to their readers. Fadwa’s post got me thinking about my own relationship with my readers and what I believe my resposibilities to y’all are. Definitely check her post out ASAP!

That’s all for today, folks! Tell me all about your latest obsessions in the comments! TTYL!

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Who the h*ll is Maggie?! | The Who Are You Tag

Hey, y’all! Maggie here, trying to make a storming comeback from an intense blogging slump! I decided to copycat Lila and fill out the Who Are You tag myself – I’m excited for our readers to get to know me a little better, especially since I’ve been incredibly absent around here lately.

I was so desperate to write one day that I wrote about nothing, basically like a Seinfeld episode regarding my writer’s block – if you’d like, you can read that post here!

Well, let’s get on with it! 😀

What is the meaning of your name?

I was named for my dad’s maternal grandmother, Magdalena. My parents toyed with naming me Magdalena as well, but decided to shorten my name to simply Maggie. My mom has always said she didn’t want to give me the longer name so I wouldn’t be saddled with having to spell my name for people at all times!

P.S. – for some reason, Maggie still gets misspelled sometimes, which is strange; there are other spellings like Maggy or Maggi, and I’m sure there are even more, but you’d think the more common, in my perception, spelling, would be pretty obvious.

Just a tidbit: I attended Catholic school and we had a nun who was our principal. I swear, every school year, she would ask me if my ‘real’ name was Margaret – I’d be like – it’s just Maggie; I’m named for a MAGDALENA. I recall being in the fourth grade and we were tasked with choosing our patron saints based on our names. Naturally, I chose Mary Magdalene, duh. The nun argued with me even then, saying my patron saint should be Saint Margaret. That woman got on my nerves SO bad!

Anyway, my middle name, Neil, was the last name of my mom’s grandmother on her mother’s side of the family. I always know I’m probably in trouble when I’m called Maggie Neil by my mom or dad, as I’m sure all kids are when addressed by their full names!

What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?

*I did a post – INFP is Me – regarding this question on my personal blog, The Caramel Files, so I’m going to direct y’all to that post if you’re curious!*

What is your Zodiac sign?

I’m a die hard Sagittarius and very proud of it! LOL! Here’s an interesting fact: Lila, Claire, and I are all Sagittarius! What are the odds?!

I found a website listing the 21 most common traits of those born under the Zodiac sign:

  • Sagittarius is an optimist who dreams BIG – I’m a total optimist and tend to look at the bright side of things and realize that stuff can always be worse.
  • Sagittarius is candid and honest – Don’t ask for my opinion if you really don’t want to hear the truth.
  • Sagittarius is witty and has a wicked sense of humor – Aw, shucks! I can always find SOMETHING to laugh at, even myself.
  • Sagittarius is independent and hates being told how to live – VERY TRUE; if I’m bossed too much, I’ll do the opposite of what I’m told.
  • Sagittarius can be restless and impatient – This is something I need to work on – when I have an idea or an urge to do something, I want it to be done by myself or someone else IMMEDIATELY and I hate waiting, unless I have a good book to entertain me!
  • Sagittarius can read you like a book – I feel that I have a great sense of intuition and I can FEEL people’s energy radiating from them.
  • Sagittarius is allergic to bullshit – This is also very true of my nature – I can’t handle people who are in constant turmoil over something ridiculous, I hate pointless and time-wasting meetings, and I certainly don’t tolerate fake people.
  • Sagittarius can’t stand selfish people or sore losers – I have no concept of being totally selfish and those who can’t take being beaten in stride irritate me very much. I’d rather be alone than put up with people who are all about themselves or pitch fits over losing, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Sagittarius is hard to fool and is always thinking ten steps ahead – The website says we’re very clever and I agree. I can almost always find a solution to a problem and I dare someone to pool the wool over my eyes.
  • Sagittarius seeks out freedom and is extremely hard to pin down – Yes! I’m fiercely independent and hangers on really freak me out. Don’t be surprised if I hide out sometimes.
  • Sagittarius can become ruthless when they feel they have been wronged – I’ll let this fact speak for itself!
  • Sagittarius isn’t afraid to take risks in life – I ain’t scared!
  • Sagittarius are creative and extremely curious – I ALWAYS have questions and I take great pride in my creative side.
  • Sagittarius is spontaneous and fun to be around – I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants and I’m generally up for anything. I enjoy my own company, so why wouldn’t others? 😀
  • Sagittarius loves to prove people wrong – I’m bad to argue my point and/or facts I know to death. A lot of the time I end up being wrong, but I take it in stride. I probably should’ve been a lawyer.
  • Sagittarius tries to avoid petty drama and instead focuses on what’s important to them – Let’s just say I don’t put up with shit I deem to be completely unimportant. If you thrive on drama, I’m likely not part of your life.
  • Sagittarius is careful about who they give their heart to and takes time to commit – This statement is incredibly true to me. I never was one of those girls who dated just to date; I always wanted someone to put in effort and show me they care. I didn’t find anyone willing to wait for me until I met my now husband.
  • When Sagittarius is hurting, they can distance themselves from others and conceal their emotions – I often drop off the face of the earth when upset and hate to burden others with my problems. That’s why I have a therapist!
  • Sagittarius doesn’t hold on to grudges and leaves the past in the past – What’s the point of being hung up on what can’t be undone?
  • Sagittarius is always there for their loved ones when they need them most – I’m a good listener and I have a really good shoulder to cry on.
  • Sagittarius is adventurous and loves to experience new things – TOTALLY TRUE

What is your Hogwarts house?

I’m a true crimson and gold Gryffindor! Every single test I’ve taken, especially on Pottermore, has sorted me into this house and I take great pride in that. I used to hope I’d get the Slytherin result, as I adore Draco Malfoy, but I’d like to defeat him at the same time.

Bonus answer: my Patronus is a basset hound.

What are your learning styles?

I’m a kinesthetic learner by a landslide, according to the website Lila referenced in her post. I learn best by using my senses, doing practical exercises, observing examples, and through trial and error. I need hands-on activities and I love to learn independently.

Are you right or left brain dominant?

I am right brain dominant, which means I’m fueled by intuition, creativity, fantasy, and curiosity.

According to the test, I’m 62% right brained and 38% left brained, which relies on logic, language, strategy, rules, rationality, and details.

What is your blood type?

I agree with Lila, this question is kind of strange, but what the hell; I’m AB+, which is apparently pretty rare.

What career are you meant to have?

I have a master’s degree in social work and, lo and behold, one of my results was child/family/school social worker! All of these fields I have worked in and I feel they have been good fits for me.

What Divergent faction are you?

I’ve never read Divergent, but I’ll take the quiz anyway!

I scored highest in the Erudite (intelligent) and Candor (truthful) factions, which I think fits my personality nicely.

What does your birth order say about you?

I’m the baby of the family, with an older brother. Stereotypically, I’m a free-spirited, charming, risk-taker – I think this is pretty accurate!

That’s enough about me! How about you?

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One Hell of a Ride! | Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Kate Leth, Brittney Williams, Megan Wilson, Joe Sabino, and Clayton Cowles Combo Mini Review

27415870Title: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Volume 1: Hooked On A Feline

Author: Kate Leth

Artists: Brittney Williams, Megan Wilson, Joe Sabino, and Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads Summary: Patsy Walker has managed to escape her past, her enemies and Hell itself (literally) – but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City! Between trying to make rent and dodging bullets, Patsy barely has time to deal with her mother’s exploitative romance comics about Patsy’s past resurfacing, much less how they start to interfere with her work and dating life. As she goes from living a double life to a triple, what the hell is Patsy Walker supposed to do? There’ll be friendship and burgers, monsters and rent checks and a ghost from the past with questionable motives! Comics’ most flexible heroine has been a provisional Avenger, a Defender, Satan’s daughter-in-law and a dead woman–but she’s never been anything like this!

Collecting: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! 1-6

30621636Title: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Volume 2: Don’t Stop Me–Ow

Author: Kate Leth

Artists: Brittney Williams, Megan Wilson, Joe Sabino, and Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads Summary: In another world they might be gal pals who help each other through hard times. But when Patsy Walker and Jessica Jones meet at last in the Marvel Universe, could it be they’ll end up as…best frenemies?! Not everyone can get along all the time, which is why the world’s heroes are about to be rocked by a second Civil War! But when the fallout from the battlefield hits close to home, Patsy is forced to take stock of her life and face what it really costs to be A.K.A. Hellcat! Plus, fallouts with former friends don’t get any worse than Patsy and Hedy. Now Ms. Wolfe is about to torment her rival more than ever, with a little help from Patsy’s evil exboyfriends! Will Hellcat get burned by her old flames?

Collecting: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! 7-12

Are you looking for a cute, superhero, Marvel comic to fill you with those good ol’ feels? Look no further, friends! Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat’s got ya covered! I’ve been interested in Hellcat since I ran across it back in December, but it wasn’t until recently that it was offered in the Comixology Unlimited selection—so naturally I jumped on the “one month free trial” thing ASAP! I thought Hellcat would be alright. Boy was I wrong! Because Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat isn’t just alright—it’s great!

If you’re a total Marvel newb then I’d say that Hellcat is an okay place to begin. What I mean by that is that reading Hellcat requires a smidgeon of basic knowledge of the Marvel Comics universe. But, it’s still not the worst place to start! However, if you’ve already read one or two Marvel series, then I’d say you’re probably set when it comes to Hellcat!

One of the things that I think Marvel fans (even newer ones, such as Yours Truly) will appreciate about Hellcat is the guest appearances made by other Marvel superheroes such as America Chavez (a.k.a. Miss America), Doreen Green (a.k.a. Squirrel Girl), Jennifer Walters (a.k.a. She-Hulk), and Doctor Strange, among others. It was nice to see old friends walk onto the page and work together!

Another thing that I adored about Hellcat was the focus on friendship! Patsy and Jennifer have an incredibly close friendship and we see Patsy form many new friends, such as Ian Soo and Tom (although, technically I think Tom counts as an old friend?). Many of the stories focus on teamwork and it was awesome to see the gang get together and kick some villainous butt!

Even though there is a great focus on teamwork and friendship, Patsy, the title character, really is the true heart and soul of Hellcat. An adorable redhead with a big heart, a big personality, and a bit of a short fuse, Patsy walks (heheh) onto the page and you can’t help but fall in love with her. The thing I love about Patsy is that no good deed is too small for her—she realizes that they all count. So while other superheroes are off fighting aliens and robots and supervillains, Patsy takes on some of the smaller baddies. Not that she doesn’t face off with some bigger bad guys, it’s just for the most part she sticks to the smaller ones. I feel like this sent a really positive message that it doesn’t matter how relatively “small” your good deed is, it can still change someone’s life.

All in all, I think I can safely say that I’ve fallen in love with Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! I honestly can’t wait to pick up volume three. Equal parts adorable and triumphant, Hellcat’s definitely not one to miss!

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Whoooooo Are You? (Who?! Who?! Who?! Who?!) | The Who Are You Tag

Hey y’all! It’s Lila! How are y’all doing? I hope you’re well! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag, so I went searching for a good one! I wasn’t tagged, but I found the “Who Are You?” tag on Sam’s blog, River-Moose-Reads and I fell in love with it! I’m really happy to say that The Bookkeepers’ Secrets has been steadily gaining followers and I figured that this tag would be a fun and different way for new followers to get to know me! So away we go!

Before we begin, I feel like it’s my duty as a scientist-in-training to inform you that MTBI, job tests, astrology, and brain dominance have been totally and completely debunked and disproved, despite the fact that many people still use them. People are complex, unique, individual, and constantly in flux and cannot be reduced to a simple “type.” No test can ever gauge the depth of who you truly are. Neverthless, such tests are a fun thing to do and, if done correctly, may be able to give you a fun snapshot of yourself at the moment. Now let’s get to it!

1. What Is The Meaning Of Your Name?

I don’t feel comfortable revealing my full name, but its meaning roughly translates to “transform in grace.” I have two middle names, one of which is a Hawaiian name which roughly translates to “angel who fell from the night sky” and the other one roughly translates into “phoenix”. Fun story about my name and how it was chosen: My mom believes that names are wishes for your children and was struggling to find a name (believe it or not, I was almost Grace, Olivia, or Isabelle). One day (before I was born) she had a dream that I was born looking exactly as I did when I was born and in which I told her my name. She decided that since I, myself, had told her what my name was, she couldn’t name me anything else. My Hawaiian middle name came from my godmother and my second middle name is a mixture of the names of two of my mom’s best friends’ names, both of which have African origins. So that’s the story of my name!

2. What Is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

I am an ENFP-T, aka “The Campaigner”

“The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.” (Source:

Popular Characters Who Are ENFP-T: Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean), Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Bert (Mary Poppins), Kirk (Star Trek), Troy Barnes (Community), Karen Page (Netflix’s Daredevil), Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who), Second Doctor (Doctor Who), Barry Allen (The CW’s The Flash), Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones), Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Hurley (Lost), Julia Wicker (SyFy’s The Magicians), Michael Scott (The Office), Anna (Once Upon A Time), Henry Mills (Once Upon A Time), Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals), Wil (MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles), Joyce Byers (Stranger Things), Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things), Genie (Aladdin), The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Nemo (Finding Nemo), Anna (Frozen), Helen (The Incredibles), Mowgli (The Jungle Book), Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Moana (Moana), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants), Rapunzel (Tangled), Jane (Tarzan), Jessie (Toy Story), Russell (Up), Judy Hopps (Zootopia), and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (SOURCE)

Read more about ENFP-Ts here

3. What Is our Zodiac Sign?

770b4e1e9212d5cd6f7835f20bcb14d2I am a Sagittarius! According to, “Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius needs to be constantly in touch with the world to experience as much as possible. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac. Their enthusiasm has no bounds, and therefore people born under the Sagittarius sign possess a great sense of humor and an intense curiosity.

Freedom is their greatest treasure, because only then they can freely travel and explore different cultures and philosophies. Because of their honesty, Sagittarius-born are often impatient and tactless when they need to say or do something, so it’s important to learn to express themselves in a tolerant and socially acceptable way.”



4. What Is Your Hogwarts House?

a4486bd214fe57b0d830d242f40482baSo I’ve taken the Pottermore sorting quiz three times and each time, I’ve received a different result. The first time I was Slytherin, the second time I was Gryffindor, and the third time I was Ravenclaw. Outside of Pottermore, every sorting quiz I’ve taken has given me the result of Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. I strongly identify as a hybrid of those two houses, and Buzzfeed’s hybrid house quiz did indeed named me as a Gryffinclaw. My Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird, though, and I really identify with that result!



5. What Are Your Learning Styles?

According to the VARK test (linked above), I am an aural learner. According to, “[t]his preference is for information that is spoken or heard and the use of questioning is an important part of a learning strategy for those with this preference.” (Source) Learn more about aural learners and learning strategies for them here and at the source I linked previously.

6. Are You Right Or Left Brain Dominant?

According to the test linked above, I am 50% right brained and 50% left brained! I’m not sure how common this is, but this result honestly doesn’t surprise me, as I’m both a musician and a scientist. Growing up, my mom made sure that I was surrounded by both the arts and the sciences and she also focused a lot on how the two are connected. Further, in every aspect of my life, I’ve always strove toward balancing reason and emotion, logic and intuition. So this result doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Screenshot (942)

7. What Is Your Blood Type?

Um, why do you want to know???…*narrows eyes*…Creeps…

8. What Career Are You Meant To Have?

I’ve gotten all sorts of results on those “what career would you be good at?” tests (which, by the way, those tests have been totally debunked by psychologists, yet still many schools try to use them–bottom line: don’t believe them, do what you want to do, not what some silly piece of paper wants you to do) from lawyer to teacher to business woman to photographer. Regardless, I’ve wanted to be a scientist and/or a singer since I was three years old. And whatdya know, now I’m working towards being a scientist with a side career of singer! I’ve always been insatiably curious and wanted to know the reasons behind why things work, down to the very last nuts and bolts. My mom always said I’d end up a doctor or an opera singer. Mother knows best, I guess, cause I’m currently getting my degree in biology with the goal of being a geneticist and on the side, I train in opera!

9. What Divergent Faction Are You?

Screenshot (971)

I’m Divergent, with an equal amount of Candor and Dauntless. Since this is the case, I would choose to be in Dauntless. I think I’m best suited to Dauntless because bravery is one of the most important qualities to me, as I believe that knowing what is right means nothing if you are not brave enough to act on those beliefs. If none of us were brave enough to stand up in the face of hatred and injustice, the human race would not survive.

10. What Does Your Birth Order Say About You?

…Well this is awkward…I’m an only child but the link above doesn’t say anything about only children. But I think I’m kind of a special case because in order to offset the fact that I’m an only child, my mom ran a day care wen I was a kid and, throughout my life, the neighborhood kids have come over to my almost every day. So I learned to share really well. I’m also an uber extrovert, so I don’t know if that makes a difference? Hmmm, I don’t know…

So that’s all for the “Who Are You” tag! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me! Tell me some fun facts about yourself in the comments!

fun, Lila

Obsession Confession | Come Back To Me Star Trek!

Hey y’all! What’s up?! It’s Lila! I know it’s been a while, but I needed to take a week or two of rest because I was just exhausted, physically and mentally. I’m still pretty tired, in all honesty, but I wanted to get back to blogging. Anyhoo. In the time during my break, I found plenty of new things to obsess over! So let’s check ’em out!


I’ve been reading A Court of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Maas really, really slowly because I want to savor it, so, sadly, that means that I have no featured book this week. Sorry, y’all! 😭

I’ve really been digging “Back To Me” by Marian Hill and Lauren Juaregui of late. The simple beat and trilling melody had me shimmying my hips and singing a long the whole time. I love how viscous the song is, without it being slow. Y’all should for sure give this song a listen soon!


The trailer for Star Trek: Discovery was released and I’ve never been a Trekkie, but this? This looks so good! I especially love that the leads are women of color (and they’re a friendship pair made up of two different races)! It’s just so refreshing to see, especially for a show which is supposed to be set in the future, where things have (hopefully) progressed a bit! But representation aside, this show looks stellar (pun intended)! I’m all for sci fi action adventures, so I’ll definitely be watching this!

Other Stuff

My bestie taught me how to tie a turban and oh my god, it’ll be a real struggle not to wear one for the rest of my life! I’ve always admired turbans, but could never figure out how to tie one–but my bestie taught me the simple twist and tuck method. I love that turbans are an elegant, yet bohemian, simple way to hide your hair if it’s messy or if you don’t feel like dealing with it! I’ll be taking this style with me to the grave!


I couldn’t find any major bookish news this week, so instead of me telling you the news, I want y’all to tell me in the comments what recent bookish news you’r excited about!


So this is happenning:

Remember that amazing movie Twitter came up with based on that picture of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o? The one in which Rihanna was a scammer and Lupita was her smart, scheming sidekick? Well now it’s actually gonna be real! Apparently the story is gonna be a Netflix movie starring Rihanna and Lupita, directed by Ava DuVernay, and written by Issa Rae!!! So there ya have it! Never underestimate the creative power of community on social media!

fun, Lila

Obsession Confession | A Court of Geniuses Living Ultralife!

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a busy two weeks! Between deadlines and outings and events and classes/lessons, I’ve been running around. Hence, why I missed a week of Obsession Confession (but…let’s just not mention that…). Anyhoo, somehow, between all of the insanity, I managed to discover new obsessions to share with you! So, let’s not delay any longer!



Was there any doubt in your mind that I’d choose A Court of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Maas this week? If there was then let me officially put those doubts to rest! I have been waiting for this book since I finished ACOMAF and oh my god I am loving it!!!! I haven’t finished it yet because I want to savor it, but everything about it so far is everything I could’ve ever wanted and more! I adore this series and I’m so happy to finally have ACOWAR in my hands!!!


I’ve been listening to and loving “Ultralife” by Oh Wonder lately. The song is just so happy and catchy and it makes me feel like speeding through the countryside with my friends on a sunny day! I also love the vocals on the track, which manage to be ethereal, yet still have this sense of gravity.


I started watching National Georgaphic’s new biographical Albert Einstein mini-series, Genius, and I am loving it! Fun fact about me: Albert Einstein is my favorite scientist! Not because I’m a physics/biology major and I’m being basic and cliché, but because I relate to Einstein so much that it’s actually scary. So when I heard about Genius, I just knew I had to watch it! And, what’d’ya know?! I adore the series! (Surprise!)

The second season of Sense8 was released this past Thursday and I am super excited for it! I can’t believe that the moment I’ve been waiting for for two years (oh, the agony! the pain!) is finally here! I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but rest assured, that will be rectified ASAP!

It was quite the busy week in TV-land because in addition to releasing the new season of Sense8, Netflix also dropped the official trailer for The Defenders! This show looks amazing and I can’t wait for our four heroes to finally come together!

Other Stuff

It probably sounds silly, but I bought new clothes for the summer and I’m in love with them! They’re so lovely and soft! I know I’m being quite stereotypically “girly” (although, who cares because eff gender norms!), but I adore fashion. As a low income person, I’ve experienced the difference that good, clean, pretty clothes can make, both in how people see you and in how you feel about yourself. Besides that, I’ve always loved expressing my personality via my clothes! And these clothes make me feel really good!


Big news came for Patrick Ness fans this week and that is that the first Chaos Walking trilogy film (which stars Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland) begins filming this summer! I’ve never read the Chaos Walking trilogy, but I know that it’s very beloved in the YA literary community and I’m sure many of y’all are excited by this news. I am interested in the movie, though, so hopefully I’ll give the book a try before the film is released.

Around The Blogosphere/Vlogosphere

Over the past two week, Cait at Paper Fury has graced us with not one, but two delightfully hilarious posts! The first was Cait’s list of 10 types of fantasy books she wants to read but which don’t exist and the second was her list of the 10 types of reading moods all bookworms experience plus a quiz! As always, Cait’s posts left me laughing out loud and nodding in agreement. So go check ’em out!