About Me

The Happy Hedgehog (Because Who Doesn’t Need A Little More Hedgehog In Their Life–Spoiler Alert: Not Me)

So, fun fact about me: I am obsessed with hedgehogs. Like, really obsessed. I own a hedgehog scarf (and it’s damn cute, mind you). I have a hedgehog calendar. When I need to de-stress, I look at pictures and vines of hedgehogs. I have a stuffed animal hedgehog. Her name is Henrietta. Do you get it guys? Obsessed. It’s to the point that my mom seriously told me that if I graduate from college, she’d get me a hedgehog (seeing as I don’t have one yet…yet). Do you get what I’m saying???! My main motivation for finishing college is a hedgehog. A freakin’ hedgehog!!!

Anyway, I just thought that today I’d share this quirky fun fact about me with you and pass along a happy gif of a hedgehog because why not?! So enjoy!




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