Cover Lovin’ | The Diviners by Libba Bray (Original)

Ever seen a great cover you just want to celebrate? I have! But when I see a cover, as an artist, I’m aware of all the work that went into it. I think of all the passion and love that went into making a great cover–because if it’s really that great, you know a little bit of love for the book just had to go into it. So welcome to Cover Lovin’, my weekly meme where I celebrate great covers and their artists/designers.

First up is the original cover of The Diviners by Libba Bray, designed by Gail Doobinin and illustrated by I Love Dust.

First off, let’s start simple with talking about the dusky, misty purple color of the color. I love how it conveys the mysterious vibe of the story. Then we have the cityscape in the background, giving us a bit of a visual for the setting. Finally the eye through the golden keyhole seems to symbolize the mysterious and secretive. Overall it’s not just a brilliantly attractive cover, but also one which gives us hints as to the story!

Do YOU have a cover you love? Participate in Cover Lovin! Here’s how:

  • Pick out a book with a cover you love and post a photo of the book’s cover
  • Give credit to the creators of the cover if you can find them (usually a quick Google search, a look at the jacket of the book, or checking the credits and/or copyright or acknowledgements section of the book will tell you the cover artist(s))
  • Tell us why you love the cover. You don’t have to go in depth, just tell us what you like about it.
  • Link back to me, Lila, the creator of the meme, in your post.
  • Leave a link to your Cover Lovin’ post in the comments section of my weekly Cover Lovin post so others can find you!
  • Tah dah! You’re done!

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