On A Personal Note

On A Personal Note | What Is This?

On A Personal Note is a project that I’ve been developing for over a month now. I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate content about me into my blog and On A Personal Note is what I finally came up with. Here’s the back story:

You know those things that happen in your life and you know they’re important? Not just important to you, but important for you to share with the world? Well I have some of those. And I think I’m ready to share them. I will be sharing them in this segment, which I’m calling “On A Personal Note.” Some of these stories will be serious, some not so much. There will be crying, but there will also be laughing and smiling. There will be things that are challenging, to me and to readers. But we can face those things together, for that’s what’s so special about writing and reading: we experience things together.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this for a long time. It’s difficult, but in the end I decided it as more important than not. Why? Because in writing down and sharing my story and my thoughts, I hope that people who feel similarly will be able to feel less alone.


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