Love-A-Thon | Some of My Favorite Bookish People

love my fellow bloggers, regardless of their medium of communication. They’re all sooo incredibly talented and kind people. So I was super excited that one of the tasks for Love-A-Thon is to create a post sharing the love for some of our fave bloggers/booktubers/bookstagramers/etc.! Now, I have so, so, so many faves that I can’t name all of them, so I randomly selected three for each category!

And before you ask where all the incredible bookstagramers are–I don’t really instagram, let alone bookstagram, so I don’t know many! So comment down below if you have a bookstagram and with the name of your fave bookstagramer!





10 thoughts on “Love-A-Thon | Some of My Favorite Bookish People”

  1. I love bookstagram and my acc is @perfectioninbooks
    There are some amazing bookstagramers but some of them are: @silkreads @bookbabbleblog @thedarkestpartsofsnow @wordrevel @bookishjourney @huntingforbooks and I could name a lot more! There are such an amazing bunch of people out there so creative!

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  2. I first joined the bookstagram community. My account is @bookshoardergal. Some of the amazing bookstagrammers are @kath_reads, @krish_reads, @nerdytalksbookblog and many more. I can’t memorize all of them. Haha! See you in bookstagram! 😀

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