On A Personal Note | Restoring My Faith

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a cynical duck.

I come from a destitute family from the most wealthy county in the United States. Every day, I see and have seen people who need help get left behind by people who would rather get ahead. It’s made me more than a little bitter.

I struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally in an institution that pushes success over happiness and wellbeing. And that has made me really lose faith in humanity.

But something happened the other day.

Many of you probably witnessed last Monday’s complete meltdown, in which I had a minor panic attack. I needed help processing things, so I wrote them down and published them on here.

And something magical happened.

You guys listened. Not only that, I received such kind, encouraging, genuine, and thoughtful comments.

This blows my mind.

It blows my mind that you could all be so genuinely kind, and you don’t even really know me!

How does that happen?!!!


So just–thank you. For being there, for listening, for being kind. You really have restored my faith in humanity (and I say that 100% seriously). I didn’t know that strangers could care so much and you all have taught me so much about kindness.

You all amaze me with the incredible humans you are. Keep being awesome! I love you all.



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  1. You’re sooooo welcome.

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  2. I think I missed that post post but I’m glad you got so much support. My priority in life has always been happiness. Even to the derailment of what others considered success. It’s sad that people can just leave others behind without a second thought. But we have to do better ourselves and more will join us. You are not alone.

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    1. Lila says:

      thank you so much. i think i am learning that personal happiness is one of the most important things. i’ve spent my (admittedly short) life trying to make sure others were happy, but somewhere along the line, my own happiness got left in the dust. i’m trying to get it back now.


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