Slumps Are For Chumps | $100 To Burn

  1. How’s your dream bookshelf looking, sparse? How’s your TBR, overflowing?  Today is National “Go for Broke” Day, and in honor of it I’m metaphorically giving you $100 to buy whatever bookish things you want.  Your job? Let the blogging community know how you would spend that $100.  Remember: ONLY BOOKISH ITEMS.

If I had $100 to burn on only bookish items…

First, I’d nab this aadorable Luna Lovegood Pop Funko figurine because how could I not?!?!!


Next, I’d swing by IceyDesigns on Etsy to pick up this fantastic bookish notebook!


I’d head on over to Appraising Pages to pick up some bookish apparel.

And finally, for the grand finale, I’d run to Barnes & Noble, Book Outlet, and Amazon to grab a few (okay, a ton) books!


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