Tag Time! 3 Days 3 Quotes (Round 3) | Day 3

I love this tag and it just keeps coming back around to me, so yay! This is y third time doing this tag and I was tagged by Sya at Bookish Sya! To participate you must thank the person who nominated you, post a quote a day for three consecutive days, and nominate three new bloggers each day! So for these three days, I’m gonna be sharing some more of my absolute favorite quotes fro YA and passing it on to others!

My third and final quote is…


“Let’s don’t wait forever for our lives to start. Let’s begin them ourselves. Let’s be fearless for once and say, we can do this.”

–Cammie McGovern, Say What You Will

You can spend forever waiting for the right moment. I think we do this because we’re scared. Scared of what might happen if we just let go and give something a chance. It’s a brave thing to just try. I think this quote really captures that sentiment.

I Tag

Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse

Bea @ Confessions Of A Pinay Bookaholic

Melissa @ In A Bookish World


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  1. Oh yay! Thanks for tagging me, I love your quote 💜

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  2. That’s a really awesome quote! Thanks for the tag! I love this one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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