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Hey Y’all!

So, I’ve been thinking and I’d like to do a summer event showcasing YA literature featuring girls in STEM. I just wanted to know many of y’all would be interested in this? Let me know in the comments, along with any suggestions for what you’d like to see if such an event were to take place.


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  1. Book Conversion says:

    I was (procrastinating…) on Tumblr and saw this and I was like “Wow, what a great idea. So rarely do I read a book where the female protag is interested in science or math. More nerdy girls, please!” And then I realized it was you! Excellent idea! Currently no suggestions, but I’ll let you know if I think of something.
    – Claire (I felt the need to sign this so it doesn’t look like you’re talking to yourself.)

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    1. Lila says:

      lol! thanks!


    2. Check out Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel. She’s definitely into STEM.

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  2. deborahkehoe says:

    I think this is a great idea. I like strong female protagonists, and like them even more if they are smart!

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  3. millie says:

    As a librarian focused on STEM and teens, I am pro everything about this.

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  4. Ahh, yes!! I love STEM! I’m really into programming and coding and I also just appreciate everything science-y, so it’d be so cool to see!!

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