Travel Guide | Mythical India

Hello, hello, friends! Welcome back! Long time no see, eh? I have something very special for you today! Today, friends, we will be traveling far back in times to mythical India, setting of The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi!

Mythical India is a land of much ancient magic and adventure! Explore various kingdoms, including the mysterious Akaran, the underworld! There are jungles and oceans to see, beautiful palaces and strange temples! Have your horoscope read and let the stars tell your future! BE wary of the flesh eating demon horses, though, friendly as they may be!


9 thoughts on “Travel Guide | Mythical India”

  1. Oh, wow. Kingdom of Ash and Briars sounds amazing. I do get a bit wary when publishers go crazy with the comparisons. “This book is like 16 other books COMBINED! Isn’t that great?!” But I think if I ignore that, this could be really fun to read.

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