Obsession Confession | In Which Black Canary Gets Closer To Spider-Man

Eh. It was a pretty solid week in terms of obsessions. Not much happened so I’ll get right to it…



What do we have here? Only another badass female superhero! Dinah Drake/Black Canary was one of my fave characters from Batgirl of Burnside and I was so happy to see her story spin off from there! I love how grouchy, gruff, and no-nonsense Dinah manages to be while still being someone who deeply cares for and about her friends and family! This adventure is full of spunk and punk and everything wonderful! Go forth and read it, ducklings, you have my blessing!


I’m not gonna lie: I didn’t discover this song until yesterday! but dang it sure is good!


I’ll admit it: I wasn’t big into superheroes until this year when I started reading comics and watched Doctor Strange. BUT NOW I’M A MARVEL MANIAC AND A DC DIEHARD!!! And when the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer dropped this past week I fell even more in love! This movie looks absolutely adorkable!

News Clip

Sooooooo…apparently Lionsgate is looking into making prequels for The Hunger Games??? And I’m not really diggin’ it, especially after The Divergent Debacle. I dunno…Where are they gonna get this new content??? Hrmmm. What do y’all tink of this development?

Around The Blogosphere/Vlogosphere

Meleika has set up a great project over on her blog, The Aus Library! She’s basically featuring bloggers who come from marginalized communities on her blog! So if that’s you, scurry on over and check it out!



I discovered Cassandra’s art blog and fell in love with it because she’s basically me. No, really. Her self portrait looks like me in cartoon form. But aside from the uncanny likeness, her comics are absolutely hilarious and I feel like every twenty something can find them painfully relatable. Definitely check her blog out!


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  1. I really need to read Black Canary!! It looks so awesome. I’m really excited for the Spiderman movie too!!

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